1967 Forester (14 feet)

This little gem we found camping at Ft Robinson, NE. It’s owned by a couple from Crawford, NE. They are avid restorers of campers with a tear drop that they are currently working on. Unlike the teardrop, which they had to take down to the frame the Forester was in exceptional shape. There seemed to be little water damage and the outside only needed a fresh coat of paint. Obviously, it was stored inside someone’s garage. They did mention that the tires were rotted and had to be replaced which is expected.

The inside of the Forester was close to original. The wood paneling, cabinets and vinyl flooring were still in great condition. The cook top is original however, the fridge was replaced with a basic 120 volt small household model. All the light fixtures were original with either gas or 12 volts. One thing we found funny, was that the previous owner had wired it for satellite TV.

IMG_20150523_113715 IMG_20150523_113712

The sticker decal was recreated by someone online, which is a good thing to know if you want to replace the original decals.


The hitch and hitch support are original but had been repainted. The rock guard came with the camper and had also been repainted. The owner noted that on the hitch was an original mechanical system that if the camper came loose while towing, this system would activate a mechanical emergency brake system. Remember this was 1967!


The front of the camper has a standard dinette/bed. The back couch folds into a double bed and has a platform twin bed above. As most campers from this time, there is plenty of closet storage. The sink is a standard hand pump system with a simple drain to the outside. There is no grey water storage and bathroom.

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