2012 Rockwood Ultra Light 26′

“Chuck” is our family’s real camper.  With 5 people and 2 large dogs, we need more room when we travel.  It’s layout has 4 bunks and a queen size murphy bed.  This allows everyone to have their own space with only us parents putting up a bed every night.  It’s length is not long when considering how many humans and animals sleep in it.  That means that it’s not very spacious but it does allow us to stay in almost any camping spots we want.  This is critical because most spots have a length restriction so we would be unable to stay in many of the great locations we have if we had a longer trailer.

You notice we pull it with our 2008 Toyota Sequoia.  Again with 5 humans and 2 dogs, space is critical.  Even an extended cab truck would not work of us; we need room to spread out when driving all day.  The Sequoia has over 380 hp so it does a great job moving us all over the country.

Even though Chuck is a great camper and we plan to have it for many years we still wanted to make some improvements in order to fully meet our needs and style.

This is our first camper we worked on.  Visit for updates as it is not finished.IMG_1255 IMG_1149

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